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On December 10 in 2020, between UAB SMERKONA and STW GmbH was signed a Distributor Cooperation Agreement . From this date UAB SMERKONA is the official representative of STW in Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia.

As an internationally-active company, STW has stood for digitalization, automation and electrification of mobile machines for 35 years now. With generic or customer-specific products, systems and solutions, which are developed and produced at their headquarters in Germany, STW support customers in their goal to make their machines the best in the world through innovative technology.

Supplemented by partner products and accompanied by training, support and system teams, assist medium-sized companies and large OEMs in increasing the performance and efficiency and also the safety of their machines. Through the communication between machines and the networking with cloud platforms and partner services, STW facilitate the integration of mobile machines into business processes.

STW are an independent company which supports its employees and is aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and society. Together with their customers and partners, STW participate actively in important future-related topics: The Internet of Things (IoT), the Industry 4.0, (semi) autonomous driving and working as well as e-mobility.

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At the end of the 19th century, Theodor Schreiber has founded the company “Nossener Maschinenfabrik”. Later, his son took over and managed it until the fifties.

In 1958, it was passed on to the trusteeship of Papierfabrik Nossen. The company continued to manufacture gear units. In the course of the industry cleanup, it became a branch of VEB ASUG Getriebewerk Penig in 1979. During that time, TGL gear units were produced in Nossen.

On 01.07.1990, Alfred Friedrich Flender AG bought Getriebewerk Penig and therefore also the Nossen plant.

On 30.06.1991, Mr. Hartmut Liefeld took over the Nossen plant and from then on continued to head it as Getriebebau Nossen. In 1994, he became owner of the company. In the time to follow, he invested in a new production hall and in the expansion of the machine fleet. While at first the focus was on parts manufacturing, new construction and service for industrial gear units increasingly gained significance later on.

In early 2005, Mr. Liefeld turned 66 and, with effect from 01.08.2005, handed over the leadership of the firm to Mr. Matthias Richter. Mr. Richter had until then been working as Assembly Manager at Flender Getriebewerk Penig, initially in new gear unit manufacturing, and later on in the service and maintenance area of Flender Service GmbH. After the dissolution of Flender Service GmbH and the outsourcing of the respective activities to Herne in North Rhine-Westphalia, he moved to Nossen.

Building on his long-standing experience, the business area of new gear unit manufacturing and service has developed very well. The satisfied customers especially include companies from the mining industry, steel industry and from energy generation as well as the respective plant engineers. Besides the German-speaking countries, many of the customers come from Scandinavia as well as from the South and Eastern Europe.

The area of energy generation from hydro and wind power has developed into a speciality. From this area, plant engineers and operators alike are placing their trust in gear units and services from Nossen. These are always custom-made special designs adapted to the respective assembly situation that are developed in own development department.
Above all, the customers appreciate the speed and flexibility, as well as the competitive prices of the reducer producer from Nossen.

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Ronzio Oleodinamica was founded in 1950 by Dante Ronzio, expert in precision mechanics. The company, run by his children and grandchildren, produces a wide range of products for different uses in industry, agriculture, forestry and construction equipment that make it a worldwide leader in the engineering sector. The streamlined structure of our company and industry expertise are the answer for customers who are looking for, not only a supplier, but a partner for the development of their projects.


Our technical office is always involved in the developement of new projects. Our engineers follow the continuous evolution of our products, offering our customers a constant level of high quality.


The company was certified by DNV in 1998. Using the most modern equipments, machinery and an efficient quality office, Ronzio ensures a high range control in every production process, from the choice of materials to the final product.